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The beginning of our forever...

I'm starting this blog so couples can follow our journey in wedding planning straight from an event planner / wedding planners mouth. Yes, we even have obstacles. Read tips and tricks on how to overcome the situations we come across, which most likely you'll come across too. But before we get there, let's catch y'all up shall we? ;) 


It all began 2 years ago when we finally met up at Rock Bottom Brewery in Downtown Minneapolis. We had been trying to meet for years as I was living in Miami and he was living in Minneapolis. He came to Miami a few times to visit his best friend while I lived there which is how we started talking and chatting about meeting up. However, it never panned out for us. A late August weekend of 2014 would change that. Little did we know it would be a forever life changing adventure, literally! 


We met at Rock Bottom and started chatting, amongst 2 of our other friends. I was in town for the "Great Minnesota Get Together", of course, and there was something that told me I had to text him to meet up. So we chatted over craft beer (our secret love) then continued over to Devil's Advocate. We all hung out for hours until it was time to part ways. After leaving him, I had a strange feeling....I wanted to keep hanging out with him! We chatted a few times after we left that night and that was it, so we thought ;) 


Every day after August 31st we texted each other EVERY DAY!! Literally, EVERY DAY!! We would say "Good morning" to each other, we would chat throughout our work day, we would say "Good night" to one another, you name it. It was crazy!! It was shortly after my visit that we both called each other out and said "Do you realize how much we have been talking? We've gone only an hour, if that, a day without texting." That's when we realized we had a lot in common, and I mean A LOT! 


We had a little bump in the road though during that texting non-stop period; he was talking to another girl. Obviously, we had no idea that we were leaning in the way we did, we were just chatting as friends. However, he broke things off with her and let me tell all y'all, I was a happy camper that day. But that's what puzzled me; why was I so happy that he broke things off with her? Was I jealous to begin with? That's when I was like "Uh-oh!" Long distance just doesn't work, I've tried it so many times. I couldn't possibly like him, could I? 


Getting back on track, once we realized we had a lot in common I decided that I would come up the weekend of Thanksgiving to see my family and to hang out with him. We had realized AND ADMITTED to each other we were starting to like each other. How was that possible though? It was through text? Either way, I went for it and flew up Thanksgiving weekend. 


I'm all about history and doing things that have meaning, so why not go to the oldest restaurant in Minnesota? We headed to Pracna on Main for our first date. It was amazing! 


Remember how I mentioned craft beer was our secret love? Well, of course that meant we had to go on a brewery crawl for our first date! Duh! It was amazing! Had such a great time and we laughed so hard! But that wasn't all. I was visiting from Miami and we had planned a full weekend of brewery crawls and a Wild game....for the whole weekend! Yes, our first date was actually a weekend long "staycation". Now we look back and think, "Was that weird?!?" Our answer is yes, but it worked out for us and that just shows how much we get along and liked each other. The moment I knew something was real was when we laughed hysterically at the Wild game for which seemed like 20 minutes straight. We talked the whole time and laughed, I don't know to this day who won that game...did we even watch the game?!


After that weekend, it was time to head back to South Florida. We were so torn! We officially had the greatest "first date" anyone could ask for! It was hard leaving him, but I knew that it wasn't over. And it wasn't! He flew down the week before Christmas to see his best friend and to, of course, see me ;) We went to the Vikings game, tailgated, had a fish fry, did a brewery crawl, you name it! He left the 23rd and I came up to Minneapolis on the 24th to spend it with my family...and of course him ;) 


On the 26th, he took me out for my birthday which wasn't till January 1st, but Cirque Du Soleil was in town. That just meant we had to go! We went to a hotel bar (our other secret love) then headed out. It was amazing!! He kept saying how the Michael Jackson show in Vegas was better and that he wanted to take me sometime...already thinking ahead, huh? ;) After the show, we went to Seven's rooftop Downtown, sat by the fire, and just talked for what seemed like forever.  It was on our way back to his apartment that was the most memorable that we will NEVER, EVER forget. 


It started to snow, BIG snowflakes, looked like it was straight out of the movies. In one of our many texts, I had mentioned how I missed making snow angels and that I'd have to make one when I was in town in the winter. He pulled me into this big building's courtyard, held my hand, and we plopped right on the snow to make a snow angel. Out of the blue, romantic, and the snowflakes just made it. He kissed me while we laid there and took a picture...a picture we still cherish to this day and say that it's our most memorable moment of our forever. I all of a sudden got butterflies while he kissed me, did I just fall in love?! It was the perfect end to a perfect night. 


It was New Year's Eve now, of course we were going to spend it together. Not only because, well it was a Holiday you spend with your loved ones, but at midnight it was going to be my 28th. We went out with friends, had a great time, but it was the end of the night that I knew he really cared for me. We were heading out of the club when all of a sudden I hit a patch of ice and face planted in the crevice of a building and the sidewalk. I had shooting pain and as I lifted my head up, there was blood everywhere!! I panicked and said we should go to the hospital, I think I broke my nose! He said it was fine and that we should go back to his place and clean up. That was his way of trying to calm me down even though he was kind of thinking that we should go to the ER too. I fell again on our way back and I just laughed and laughed. How embarrassing, but then at the same time, I didn't care! We got back to his place and I was covered in blood. That's when I looked at him while he was cleaning me and I was like how can he be this great? He cleaned my nose, in AND out, while some guys might have just ran. Not him. 


We slept all day the next day, January 1st - my birthday - with me in pain. He told me we were going to dinner and he wasn't going to tell me where. I was like, ummmm my face is smashed up, I'm not going anywhere. Of course I trusted him and I knew that it was going to be special so I went anyways. That disclosed location was Chino Latino (he knew I loved Cuban style food). 

As we sat down, they brought the menus over. All of a sudden, I looked down and they had printed on it, "Will you be my girlfriend?" It was about time!! I was thrilled, but the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Are you sure? Look at me"...meaning my smashed up face. He responded by saying, absolutely! That's love people! <3 


2 days went by, yes I was still in town and still at his place, we went out and that night was going to be another great memory! As we laid down to go to bed, he looked at me and said, "Melissa, I love you". 2 days after we started dating. Some women might have been like, what?!? And ran out of there as fast as they could. I couldn't! I looked at him and said, "Really? Me too!" I told him that I had actually fallen in love with him when we made our snow angel. You know what he said? "Me too!" Told y'all that it was going to be the most memorable moment of our forever ;) 


For the next year and 8 months we spent every moment talking, texting, skyping, until I finally moved back to Minneapolis to be with him in April 2015. We went on many trips (our third secret love) to Disney World, NYC for our 1 year anniversary and my 29th birthday, last minute trip to Vegas (yes, we went to the Michael Jackson show which of course was very good as he mentioned the year before), Denver which included driving through the Rocky Mountains, his family's annual trip to Breezy Point (2015 and 2016), and Universal Studios. PS - traveling with a loved one really helps the relationship grow. But what do I know? ;) 



Little did we know that our relationship would really take a leap in July 2016. 






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