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Best. Day. Ever.

So let's see, where did we leave off? Oh, yes...we left off on how our relationship developed and how we fell in love ;p So here's what happened next.....


Based on everything you have read, you could say we're an advanced couple, right? I mean I just moved across country for this man and lived with him right off the bat until my apartment was able to be moved into, then with spending only 3 nights apart we decide to "officially" move in together that Fall. I mean what else could we do? Well, that was one BIG step we were about to face.


Winter of 2015, we actually started chatting about buying a house. Now if you know me personally, that stuff scares me!! It makes my palms sweaty just thinking about it. It was something where I knew that we wouldn't be married by then, so why were we talking about it?! We had many discussions about how it would work if we broke up, like he would take the money he put into it and whatever I paid I would get back, blah, blah, blah! It was back and forth and little did he know, I was super sketched out about it. I mean, this was a BIG commitment considering we knew we would probably end up together, but there was that ONE chance we wouldn't :/ So this past Spring is when we started looking at houses. Was it terrifying!? YES! Was it fun though? YES! There's something about looking at houses with your boyfriend that really ensures you that you DO love this person and really DO see yourself with them. All of sudden, that fear goes away. Strangest feeling ever if you ask me. But hey! What do I know, right? ;) 


So long story short, we found "the house." I walked in and I immediately looked at him and said, "I want this one!" It's hard to find "the house" when you actually don't really know what you're looking for, or at for that matter. But we did!! We walked in and it literally felt like we were home already. We didn't want to leave! It was homey, cozy, we started chatting about where to put stuff, it was great! When I glanced at him, my heart melted. I think I fell in love with him a little bit more that day ;) We took the night to think about it and POOF! We made an offer the very next day. Going back and forth with the owners (which by the way, they were in the Boundary Waters so try getting a hold of them up there with your new offer and anxiously waiting by the phone to see if their agent got a hold of them. Talk about ants in your pants!) We got the call.....WE GOT THE HOUSE!! Now this was about to get serious! 


So we had been living together for awhile, we talked about marriage and how each other were the one, we just got a house together, so when was he going to pop the question???


July was going to be such a busy month for us. We had his family's annual trip to Breezy Point planned and then we were leaving to go to Denver right after so we were going to be gone for a total of 10 days. It felt like we were going to be gone for half of July! Although we were going to be busy and it was super stressful, especially with the 4th sliding right in there, I couldn't help but he going to "ask" me during our trip? I was so anxious and so nervous all at the same time. For those of you who have gone through this, you know what I'm talking about ;) So we go on this family trip, nothing happens. We go to Denver, have a nice romantic ride through the Rockies up to Grand Lake by ourselves, nothing happens. We drive back to Denver, nothing happens. We get on the airplane to head back to Minnesota, nothing happens! Well, what the F? What was going on?!? I for sure thought it was going to happen then! Nope!! 


Closing of the house was on August 2nd. It was official!! We were homeowners! Did it happen that day? Nope! Had to keep on waiting. 


Alright so it was now August 20th, his best friends wedding. Of course, everyone asks, "When are you guys going to tie the knot?" Or, "Are you guys next?" My answer, "NO CLUE!" Did I know it was coming soon? Sure. Did I know when it was going to happen? No. I always told him, "I always want to know things, I never want to be surprised." So the fact that I had no idea when it was going to happen, really drove me n-u-t-s. 


If you hadn't known already or couldn't tell from our photo in the last post, we LOOOOVVEEEEE the Vikings (#Skol!) So of course, we were going to go to the first preseason game. Even though it was just a preseason game, we were still going to put on our Zubaz and show our Purple Pride. Oh, I almost forgot...being the big Vikings fan that he is, of course him and his family have season tickets. So not only were we going to season ticket holder seats, it was the first preseason game, but it was also the Grand Opening of the new stadium, US Bank Stadium. Holler!! But there was a catch; he comes to me, "Because it is the first game of the season and it's the new stadium, they are doing a breakfast for season ticket holders. We have to dress up and be there by 9am so my sister is going to pick us up at 8:45am so we can be on time." What?!? You want me to dress up the first day of the game and do what now? 8:45am?!? He was crazy, but food, right? So we wake up on August 28th and start getting ready. We're ready by 8:45am, we head down to his sister's car, and drive to the stadium. We're all dressed up and before we head to the doors to head inside to our section, he goes, "Let's go check out the ship!" If you don't know about the ship outside the stadium, take a moment and Google it. Don't worry I'll wait.....................

Done? Okay cool! 


So we walk over to the ship and on our way there, no one, I mean NO ONE, is dressed up. He goes that's because everyone is inside. Ummmm, okay? So we get to the ship, but it's not done. There's fences all around. Well, that's cool. Ship is going to look awesome. Didn't matter though because the next thing that happened made it seem like the greatest place on earth at that exact moment.


He stops and goes, "So, I got us something; I made us a Legacy Brick so when the ship is done, our brick will be on the floor outside of it." What a cute gesture! I was like, "Oh, that's cute!" How thoughtful, right? All of sudden, it was the moment and I didn't even know it was happening.


"Melissa, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" WHAT?!?!? ARE YOU JOKING???!? I said "Yes!" immediately and just hugged him. Could this really be happening? Next thing out of my mouth? "Is that why we are all dressed up?" Sure was! And it was all because he hired a photographer to take photos of the whole thing!! And his sister and brother-in-law hanging in the background? Yup, taking a video! OMG! He pulled this off considering I always find out about surprises! After calling him "you little sh*t" a few times because he truly got me, we did a little photo session that I will never forget. Next thing that I said after telling him I loved him and how he surprised me, "So does that mean there's no breakfast?" If you know me, that WOULD be something I would say. #Priceless. 






Photo credit: Jody Savage Photography


We continued to actually get ready for the game; Zubaz, viking helmet, you name it. Headed into the beautiful stadium, met the Vikings cheerleaders, of course took a pic with them....AND my ring, ate, drank. It was the BEST DAY EVER!! 


We texted all of our friends and told them to meet us at the first place we ever started talking, Rock Bottom. Remember talking about it in the last post? ;) Yup! Rock Bottom is where we went to after the game and met everyone that was close to us. Where to next? Well the next place we went was the second place we went when we first started talking, Devil's Advocate. We had too, right? (Lesson: It's never the wrong time to do something or go somewhere.) Then we headed to the Pizza Hut buffet, because why wouldn't you?! Best part about that place? He cried because he couldn't believe that he asked me to marry him. He was just so happy! Can we say, adorable? And that is why I am marrying this man ladies and gentlemen :D 


What was next? Setting a date! And we did, Oct 2017. One year from today. Where? You'll have to wait and read later ;) 



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