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Choosing the right ones.

Now that our venue was locked in and the date was set, it was now time to make sure the most important people to us saved the date too, our bridesmaids and groomsmen! The second step in wedding planning. Like I've mentioned before, anything/anyone that can get booked...BOOK THEM ASAP! Including bridesmaids and groomsmen. Plus, why wait? ;) 


My fiance has 2 very close friends which he loves and adores. One was his best friend throughout high school and the other he knew in high school, but wasn't as close with during that time as the other. However, him and his best friend parted ways during college as my fiance went to St. Thomas and his friend went to St. John's. But that's when he started to become best friends with the guy he wasn't super close with in high school as they both went to St. Thomas and were actually roomies! So long story short, he now was super close with both of them. When he stressed to me, "I don't know who to choose for my best man!" I had no clue what to tell him either, because even I was torn and it wasn't even my problem. I had suggested, "It's not wrong to have 2 best men. I could actually do 2 maid of honor's if I had to." So that was that, he was going to have 2 best men and I was going to have 2 maid of honor's. 


Some women like to do little gifts for their bridesmaids. For me, I didn't want to do a material type of thing. I wanted something a little more sentimental so I decided to write in a card of why they were important to me and towards the end ask if they would be part of my wedding. But the next challenge popped up; all my friends were busy people so it was hard trying to get a hold of them and trying to schedule a time to get together one-on-one. First person I was able to ask was one of my maid of honor's who I had known since the beginning of time, church to be exact. We saw each other all the time so it was easy peasy to have her come over, read the card and of course we continued to wedding talk afterwards over some wine. I believe we even went to a brewery that night too to celebrate ;)


Next up was another bridesmaid who happen to live down the road from me. I was actually friends with her sister and her sister's friend. However, when I lived in Phoenix we connected as she moved down there a few years before me and we became very close, even after I moved to Miami and back up to Minneapolis. It was perfect that she moved back to Minneapolis as well as this gave us a chance to grow even closer! She started to cry when she read my card and she had mentioned that she totally wasn't expecting that. As a bride, that made my day!! 


Another bridesmaid, who I had known since 1st grade, works in politics so you can imagine that she didn't have time to meet up so I simply mailed her card. A few days later, she called me and left a voicemail about how she was so excited to be part of our big day. I saved that message ;) 


Another one lived in Florida which I had known for about 5 years. There were so many hard times I went through during my time in Florida, including relationships which she was a part of those journey's, so I felt that it was only right for her to be in my bridal party. Plus she had even come up to visit me and we had so many adventures with my fiance already that it was just ever so clear to me. So funny story about this one; it was when the "big" hurricane was coming to South Florida this past Sept/Oct. We were chatting about makeup and hair (did I forget to mention she was my personal hair and makeup artist for my events I did in Miami?) as of course I would have to book her for my bridal hair and makeup, I said, "Actually, can you chat right now?" So I called her and I said, "So I wanted to send you something, but because the hurricane is coming I wasn't sure if you would actually get it, so I'm asking you now...will you be one of my bridesmaids? You have been such a big part in my life, my relationships and know exactly what I have been through before my fiance came around. PLUS, you know my fiance so well." She of course said yes and "I have goosebumps right now!" I was so happy! She then continued to tell me that for my wedding gift, she was going to do all the bridesmaids, mothers, and my makeup FOR FREE and she also said she would do my hair FOR FREE!! What?!? GREATEST WEDDING GIFT EVER!!! 


Then came the future sister-in-law! My fiance was planning on asking his brother-in-law so while we were out to dinner with the family, we handed them a card together and obviously they said they would love to be a part of it. 


Last, but not least, there was my other maid of honor who I had to ask still. She ALWAYS has something going on so trying to meet up with her was kinda tough. She had just bought a house so I asked when it would be a good time for me to come and see it. That's when I would slip her a card ;) She's a super emotional one and I knew she would bawl. Especially since she got married last year and had regretted not having me be part of the wedding party, she had me as her personal attendant. When I was thinking about having her be one of my maid of honor's, I looked past that as she had cried several times with me apologizing. That's what mattered and that's exactly why I moved forward with her as my maid of honor. I'm sure some of you are thinking, what?! But if you even knew this girl ;) 


So there was the magical 6! Each of them had a special story on why they were part of my life and that's exactly why I chose them. I mean I could go on and on about why I chose them, but I wouldn't want to bore you! But you can probably tell that I chose them not based on how long I have known them, but for what they meant to me throughout my life and what role they took part in during my big life moments. 


Choosing a bridal party can be super tough for some brides, but you just have to go through the list of people you are considering and ask yourself, "What sets them apart from each other?" The ones that have HUGE, significant things that stand out to you when you look at that piece of paper with their names on it, they'll will be "the right ones". But again, there are some girls out there that know what they want in a wedding from the moment they start talking so they know who they would have in their wedding already. Just depends on the person :) 


Stay tuned for my next post, coming this Friday, the 2nd!!

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