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My first big obstacle.....s!!

Alright, I'm going to be real with everyone....I may be an event planner who can help design (by design I mean help with the color scheme and theme of the event/wedding) someone else's wedding/event like the back of my hand (home decor, merchandising, and wardrobe styling really helps out in this department by the way), but when it comes to my wedding...NO FRICKIN IDEA!!


First thing was figuring out the colors (hint: it sets the tone on the rest of your venue/decor). One thing that helped me when it came to the colors was that the fiance said he wanted purple somewhere in the wedding because of the Vikings, go figure ;) So since our wedding was going to be in the fall, we decided to go with a darker purple = eggplant! But I didn't want our wedding to be just 2 colors, I wanted a mixture, something cozy - I'm not a matchy, matchy type of person. After freaking out a little bit about "OMG, what am I going to do for colors?? And my theme!!!" I thought to myself, "Melissa, calm down! What are things that you like? What color are they?" I thought of objects, flowers itself, color of clothes I liked wearing, fall colors, you name it! This is what I came up with......


I love rose gold - hence my engagement ring. My man looks amazing in a light navy blue suit, so I knew that I had to have light navy blue somewhere in there. And another thing that I wanted was, this is going to sound crazy, but I wanted small cactus' to be part of the centerpieces = olive green! <-- We'll get into this subject in a little bit. But because of my experience with decor and visual merchandising as well as wardrobe styling, I'd say that I'm a visual person so I needed to see different options up close. How did I solve this problem? I headed to Home Depot and got paint swatches! 


I grabbed the eggplant and what was the closest to rose gold? Dreamsicle. Some people may think that is a spring color, but if you use it with some darker colors that compliment it, you're golden! So I grabbed that dreamsicle swatch. I looked at that massive wall of color and one color I always loved in the fall (meaning, in my wardrobe) was maroon. So I grabbed that swatch too. I grabbed a few different light navy blue swatches and few different olive green swatches. To be honest, once all those swatches were picked ALL of the colors ended up looking great together! Every single one of them. 


I went home and continued to look on Pinterest (yes, as a wardrobe stylist, event planner, home decorator, and visual merchandiser...some of my ideas still come from Pinterest - I know I'm not the only one out there). After searching for a bit, there was one search that caught my eye and gave me confirmation that all these colors would work: (again, photo is from Pinterest)


Now, side note: I'm not a flower type of person. And if you recall we wanted to focus on the food, booze, and music, so our budget for flowers isn't really there. Plus, who needs a ton of decor, including flowers, in a venue that speaks for itself?! You don't!! I think a lot of people, including my clients, might get caught up in that type of thing, but still want to stay on budget. This is a great solution...pick either the decor/flowers or the venue. What characteristics do you love most, the parts of a venue or a style of decor? Again, this can help a person that has these areas on their important list. 


Anyways, back on there were the colors we wanted. However, noting that I am not a flower type of person and I was more focused on the venue itself, that just meant that I didn't want to spend that much money on at all. Nowadays, you can find flowers in all sorts of colors. So that was my plan; find the cheapest flower possible that displayed these colors. Now it was time to meet with a florist. 


During this obstacle (which now I'm looking back, it sounds like it wasn't an obstacle by the way you're reading it...but IT WAS - I was secretly freaking out), I had recently done a photo shoot with Forever Bride and a bunch of their association members. One of which was a florist. She did a lot of mixed textured flowers and expressed to me that she loves that sort of thing. So I thought I would email her and see if she wanted to meet up and do a consultation. I mean I wanted cactus' for goodness gracious, how much more textured can you get! 


So we showed up to our consultation and this is what she brought :D 

So many to choose from!! I promise that once we start playing around with the centerpieces and the flowers/cactus', I'll post a pic on here ;) 


Now that we passed that responsibility off to someone else to figure out and finalize, now it was on to the bridesmaids dresses, my dress, and centerpieces! Let's start with bridesmaids dresses, because that was the next thing I started. I thought it would be different and fun if we did a floral print for the bridesmaids. I had my fashion marketing interns start shopping and everything they sent just wasn't the right fit. There was NOTHING out there that I liked. They all had a black background which, well, based on my colors and venue that just wouldn't work! Long story short, I decided to scratch that idea and I'm currently still debating. I'm a wardrobe stylist for goodness gracious, I should know already, but I don't! Again, I'm not a matchy matchy person so I don't want everyone in the same dress or the same color. I think I'm heading in the direction where they'll wear different styles and different shades of a certain color....? That will be for another post. 


Okay so now that I am still pondering on the bridesmaid dresses...onto another obstacle I'm facing....NO CLUE WHAT I AM GOING TO DO FOR MY CENTERPIECES!! Again, I can design a wedding/event for a client, but now that it's my own wedding it's stressing me out!! However, I did come up with a theme. While we were in our consultation with the florist, one word that she used to describe my wedding was "antique like". I liked that word! It's vintage, but not a girly vintage. It's not rustic, but it is in it's own way. So we decided to run with that. Everyone always has a theme to their wedding/event whether they think they do or not. What do you enjoy? What do you find beautiful? What fits with your venue? <--told you your venue tells you everything ;) 


Now as you know, our venue (if you need a reminder, Landmark Center) doesn't need a lot of decor. We want people to just embrace the beauty of the space all on it's own. So I thought, "Why not just have the lighting be the decor?" So we thought about doing an antique-like candelabra (enclosed candle)


Hint: make sure that you check your venue contract over and over again. Most places ban certain things; for example, open flamed candles. Seems stupid, but there has been so many times that my bride's guests will get drunk or something and almost tip them over. Can you even imagine?!?)


on the banquet tables (rectangle tables) and do tall votives on the rounds. Yes, we are doing a mixture of tables. Not only because I like the look of it, but also because some of our groups of friends are larger than others and we want them to be able to sit together (we'll get into a 411 on tables some other time). So then we thought we could do the small cactus' around the tall votive holders then all along the middle of the banquet tables. Then maybe have smaller votives mixed in? Now you're probably asking yourselves, "Well what about the flower arrangements you talked about?" Well if you recall, we wanted to spend money in other areas and because round tables can get crowded pretty quickly, we thought we would just do the floral arrangements on the banquets. Maybe do a tall candelabra in the middle and smaller ones on either side, but then have the arrangements in-between the tall and the middle ones? Can you tell that I still haven't made up my mind? (Check out my MH Wedding Planning Blog Pinterest board to see my decor inspiration!)


I think it's because I'm just stuck on spending money on other areas that are more important and we spent money on the venue already which is already pretty itself like I mentioned, so I'm just confused on what I want. I think I know what I want, but as you know I'm a visual person so I just need to go somewhere and play around. It's like a puzzle; you know what the picture is going to turn out like, but you just need to put the pieces together.


But again, we have time since we have 11 months to go ;) I may be a planner and have the tendency to get things done quickly because I'm used to it, but it's also because I want to get all the tough stuff out of the way now so we can relax later. I even say that to my clients! Plan now = relax sooner ;) So I'll figure it out and don't fret...I'll be writing about it so you'll be along for the journey. 


I think all my color problems, flower problems, centerpiece problems, and dress problems all boil down to one thing and that it's because I'm a planner. Most of you are probably like, "What is she talking about?!?" I think I have the pressure, or at least I feel like I do, that our wedding has to be different because I'm in the industry. It's hard being on this side for once. I mean when I went dress shopping last Friday....whoops! Said too much! Until next time readers ;) 


Have similar obstacles or need advice in another area? We offer consulting services! Yes, we don't just offer planning. Consulting is for the client who doesn't need a full planner or day of coordinator because 1) they don't have the budget, or 2) they are good on their own, but just have a bump in the road that they just don't know what to do. Rates start at $50 per hour. Reach out to us at to schedule your consultation. 

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