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Odds and ends.

Core vendors were picked out. Now it was time to get the little odds and ends of things reserved and/or researched. First thing was entertainment, besides the band / DJ's. I knew I wanted an activity for the guests to do as I didn't want them to just come dance, talk, and drink and that's it. I thought, maybe games? I actually emailed our event coordinator at Landmark and asked if we could play Beer Pong, but with water (haha!). She said no. So I then thought, maybe we could do Giant Jenga and Bags (for my Phoenix and Miami friends who are reading this, it's the same thing as Corn Hole). When I brought that idea up to the fiancé, he was like, "Yeah, maybe." We did ask if we could have an aerialist to perform during the reception, which Landmark has done before. However, they said never again. How cool would that have been?


A week later he brought up that he wanted to have a photo booth. Now with me being an event planner and with everyone knowing that, you have NO IDEA what kind of pressure and stress is riding on me. I have had to think outside the box more than ever now. Photo booth's are great and I love them! They're even a great way to do a guestbook if you don't want a traditional one as they can sign next to their picture. But I "couldn't" have a photo booth, because everyone has one at their wedding. I thought of these 2 girls I met at a brewery event where you got into a old Volkswagen van and took your photos, but that was out since they would have nowhere to park in Downtown St. Paul: street parking, meters, no guaranteed spot for them to park so who knows how far the guests would have to walk, which they probably wouldn't walk anyways. This was only a good option if our venue had it's own parking lot. I then recalled a guy that came into my one of my venues in Stillwater when I was managing it and remember him talking about a different kind of photo booth he managed. I remember it being super different. I emailed the guys from the venue and asked and sure enough it was really different! The Slow Motion Booth! It is a photo booth in which you can make an edited "music video" which is what you'll see on their website. It's kinda hard to explain, so just go to their website. It's one of those things where it's a better visual explanation of what they do than explaining verbally ;)


So I showed the fiancé what the booth looked like and he loved it! We requested pricing, which I knew that it was going to be expensive and sure enough, it was. However, he really wanted something like this. So I thought of ways, being the nice bride that I am, of things we could cut from the budget so he could get it. #That'sLove <3


Landmark doesn't have the prettiest chairs, let's be real. I was thinking of getting different chairs (for all the event planners and décor readers: no, not your typical Chiavari's). I thought to myself, "Do I really need them? Are people really going to notice them?" Well now some of my guests who are reading this will probably look at them the day of now...awesome! But some of you will probably forget, which is great!!! ;) No one really NEEDS chairs. Besides people in the industry, do any of you remember the chairs you sat in from a wedding a year ago or more? Answer is probably not. So that was that. I was going to give up the different chairs for my hubby-to-be. Completely fine with it too, even till this day! Later on down the road, we were going to cut costs with the centerpieces too, but I'll save that for another post.


In addition to the photo booth, we also booked a videographer and photographer. I believe I mentioned that in a previous post already, but I didn't go in-depth. Being in the events industry for so long, I have my favorite people that I like to work with. They know how to work with me, what I'm comfortable with, you name it. So I chose my former event photographer for my events in Miami as our photographer, Andrew Soria with Airos Design. Why an event photographer? Well, not only has he gotten some great shots at my music productions, fashion shows, etc. so I knew that he would have that creativity with our engagement and wedding photos. Also, his artwork is amazing!! Yes, he is an artist as well. Every place he travels (which he is trying to go to every city nationwide) and takes pictures. He will then cut out the objects individually and make them into a cityscape collage. Check out his art website so you know what I'm talking about: He recently moved to LA from Miami so we thought, what a better way than to fly him up to Minneapolis, he can do our engagement photos, we can plan out all of our wedding day photo locations, all while he takes photos of the Twin Cities to make another one of his cityscapes? It's a win-win! But a HUGE reason was because later on down the road, maybe for a big anniversary gift from each other, we could invest in a collage cityscape piece that incorporated our wedding and engagement photos in it!! A one-of-a-kind piece that would mean oh so much to us :)


Now if you know me, you know that I have to write EVERYTHING down and put it in my calendar otherwise I'll forget. If I don't do it right away, I'll forget. I wanted to know what the Maid of Honor's and Best Men say for their speeches, what our parents say, how everyone was dancing, etc. I didn't want to forget those types of things. Sure, we'll have photos, but you can't hear what is in the photos. So I told the bf that we had to get a videographer. He said, "Well are we actually going to watch it?" After a discussion, we decided that we just wanted a URL (we don't need a disk, all the bells and whistles, since everything is online now anyways) and we would watch it every year on our anniversary. This was one thing that was important to me to have. Could you imagine forgetting about what happened during your wedding day or not remember the speech your closest friends gave? It brings me to tears just thinking about it.


Anyways, we looked into local videographers starting out. I did have a videographer in mind that I used for my Miami events that was already going to be coming to my wedding. However, I knew that she would constantly be filming. Unlike Andrew our photographer, you take a pic and you're done for a bit. We looked and found one guy who we LOVED!! He filmed the groom's dinner, people coming into the wedding, it was just very nicely edited. His videos really told the story that I was looking for. However, his prices were crazy!! I thought further on my former videographer, Courtney, and I was like yeah she'll be filming the whole time, but she is a special person to my heart where I actually want her with me throughout the whole day. I thought of it as another type of bridal party, her and Andrew both. It would super fun too. So I reached out and she was booked! You can check Courtney out on YouTube and on Facebook


So like I mentioned there were just some odds and ends that we just wanted to get over and done with. One more thing we started and are still in the progress of doing, is our playlist. How many times have you heard a song and just love it? Like a good song, that's classic that just never gets old? How many times have you forgotten about it until you hear it again? Well, we were just bumming around the house one night and just started writing down songs we loved. So every now and then we'll log into our wedding planning sheet and write down a band or a specific song, that way we won't forget about it 9 months from now when we're finalizing the playlist ;) Less stress and we won't be put on the spot to create our playlist. We even figured out our entrance songs, because the ball was rollin already. Wanna know what, as of right now, we're going to be walking down the aisle to? Bridal party is coming out to the string quartet version of Sweet Child of Mine (<----HUGE Guns n' Roses fan so of course it has to make a debut) and I'll be walking out to the instrumental version of Bittersweet Symphony (<---this video is weird, but it was the first one that popped up, ha!).


So if you know us personally, you know we LOVE to travel. We chatted about what we've always wanted to do and what type of environment we wanted to be in when it comes to our honeymoon. We wanted to be in a cultural place, have activities to do like zip lining and hiking, good food, and most importantly...have overwater bungalows! This was going to be the one time where we could go anywhere we wanted to go. Luckily, we have everything we need for our house except some décor stuff so we thought of just asking for money for our wedding to use towards our honeymoon. So that's what we are doing. We researched some places that had overwater bungalows and come to find out, there isn't that many out there. There's a TON in the Caribbean however, we can't go there: hurricane season :(


Hint: Make sure you look at the weather in the season you are getting married. I lived in Miami for a few years and being somewhere during hurricane season is not fun. The fiancé didn't even think of it. If you don't know about hurricane season, it's June-November. So plan accordingly ladies and gents.


We found Fiji, Tahiti, and Thailand. Kind of nice to have a shorter list to choose from, but then not. We did find out that Mexico now has overwater bungalows which is great! But we want to go somewhere we have never been to before and probably won't ever have a chance to go again. I don't trust myself, nor do I have time, to do a full research on where to go and what to do. That's where the handy-dandy AAA travel agents come in ;) We officially are AAA members (which, side note, was a good thing because the first big snowfall that came down a few weeks ago I hit a patch of ice going 15 mph and slid off the highway and got stuck on the side bank. #Terrifying)! We weren't able to get pricing on Thailand as the outsource for finding the pricing are not in the office on the weekends, so we'll be hearing back from AAA on Tuesday via email. We did find out that though that Fiji is more expensive than Tahiti so that helps to narrow it down. Then when it comes to Tahiti, we found out that flying in then going island hopping is fine as the mainland is like a Honolulu, very touristy. However, the cheapest island to go to is about 45 minute ferry ride, 20 minute flight and that island is Moorea. Bora Bora was going to be more expensive. So we shall see what happens ;) Obviously, I'll let y'all know where we are going. So excited!


One last thing that I thought I would get over and done with was collecting addresses. I'm not completely done, but I did create a Facebook group - such an easy way to get everyone's info!! We are doing our engagement photos over St. Patty's Day weekend (thought Andrew would enjoy celebrating in St. Paul that weekend, killing 2 birds with 1 stone, yeah? ;) ) which with the turnaround time, we want to send our save the dates the beginning of April. Why not get those addresses ahead of time instead of delaying the save the dates? People make not respond right away, you may forget about someone when put on the spot which then delays sending them out, etc. The fiancé still needs to get his started; gave him a deadline to have it done by the end of February. Of course he's laying right next to me right now and said, "Yeah I'll get it started, don't worry." Tehe!!


So that's a wrap! Just a few things that you can get over and done with in a jiff! Boom!


Need help planning some of your odds and ends? We offer partial planning! Customize what you need help with and get us for 12 hours on the day of. Learn more at

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