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Ugh, some more obstacles! Pt. 1

Wedding planners (and event planners for that matter) are skilled at figuring out solutions to problems while keeping a smile on their face. Something goes wrong on your wedding day or during wedding planning, we'll fix it! Just call us multi-tasking, problem solving ninjas! In other words, we look like miracle workers. So that just means that nothing could go wrong while we're planning our own wedding day, right? WRONG! I wrote about a few obstacles I faced a few months ago, but of course more stuff popped up!! Give. Me. A. Break!!


If you recall I was basing my bridesmaid dresses off of the colors of my flowers. Now y'all know the colors I wanted and what arrangement I loved, but I needed to see it in person and know what colors to bring out. I met with a florist in November to discuss what we wanted and upon leaving we had made the decision to have her do a mock-up of the floral arrangements so we could see what it would look like and what the price would be. At the time, we were thinking about doing 2 arrangements per banquet table that would be in-between candelabras with mini cactus' surrounding them and votive candles. Round tables would just have a candelabra and some small cactus' and votive's. Again, that was in November.


First week of December came and we emailed her asking for the status of the mock-ups as we were at the point of where we wanted to set our budget. At the meeting, we had obviously discussed the possibility of having candelabras as our table decor. I get a response a week later and there was no real quote in there and it was mostly talking about the decor and how she had some for rent. Ummm, last time I checked she was a florist not a decor company...?? I was super bothered about this. It took me a day or 2 to calm down before I wrote her. I replied back and said, "I think we're going to hold off on the decor for right now and we would just like to focus on the flowers." 


I received some pictures of floral arrangements and none of them had any of our colors in them. If you don't remember, we were going with the following: light navy blue flowers, dark red, dreamsicle, some olive green to bring out the cactus', and dark purple. She sent pictures of white flowers with lots of greenery. It looked nothing like what we wanted. I replied back saying exactly that. She sent another picture a few days later and it was all succulents and cactus' in a long box as an arrangement. Yeah we wanted cactus', but as the accents around the table not by themselves. I replied back and said no. We told her the colors we wanted again as well as showing her the picture...again. 


End of December was here, around Christmas time to be exact. Still hadn't gotten any more photos from her. Emailed her, nothing. Christmas and New Year's came and gone...still nothing! That was that. Time to search for a new florist. As much as I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, I just couldn't. It was delaying me from deciding on the color of my bridesmaid dresses. Told you  that obstacles even happen with wedding planners! 


So with that, I had to wing it and decide on the dresses without seeing the colors of our wedding basically. So I went with burgundy. Some brides probably would have freaked out, which I was, don't get me wrong. But in the long run, everyone looks awesome in burgundy no matter the skin tone and plus it was my favorite color in Fall. So at least I had that going for me, right? 


We did end up going with a florist that has done all the flowers for my fiance's family. She's super affordable and is word-of-mouth only. I think I can trust this one ;) 


Alright, ready to read about my next obstacle? Sure you are! So as I mentioned above, the table decor we wanted were candelabras mostly. Flowers were so expensive and we're not too big into flowers to be honest. We just aren't those people that want flowers as the actual centerpieces. We thought that candelabras were be perfect because they were pretty to look at and they provided lights for the tables = killing 2 birds with 1 stone! We took a look at our contract because most venues don't allow open flame.


Hint: ALWAYS read your venue contract over and over when you are getting ready to decide on something. The last thing you want is to go into your venue the day of and not be able to bring something in, like your centerpieces for example. Some examples include the following: Most venues don't allow popcorn, confetti, and feathered boas. Why? Because it's the HARDEST thing to clean up. Once you think you got it all, you don't! They just linger like gnats swarming around you in the Summer time. 


Sure enough, our venue doesn't allow open flame. So we started shopping around for candelabras that were enclosed. I knew just by being in the industry renting was going to be super expensive so I started looking online. Maybe some wedding Facebook groups I was a part of the brides could be posting to get rid of theirs or maybe I could find a steal of a deal on Amazon or something. Nope! All expensive. So that crossed out that idea. Now that I had to start from scratch, try thinking of ideas to bring out the vintage romantic theme you want when you were so set on the candelabras - #disappointing.


Since the ceilings were so tall in Landmark, I wanted to make sure that there was something in the decor that added height. Of course I relied on Pinterest. Took a look and there it was, different bottles of all shapes and sizes spray painted gold with single stem flowers in them. Done! It would be cheap and entertaining. So those would go on the banquets tables, but what about the round tables? We didn't want bottles on those too, that would be just too much. Maybe just a flower arrangement on top of some books or something? Still debating and now that we're 8 months out it's kinda freaking me out, not going to lie.


My inspiration from Pinterest 


One thing we did know is that for the head table we were just going to put our bouquets in some wide opened bottles and call it a day. Our florist did ask us about ceremony flowers, but I just don't think it's needed. The venue itself is such a statement piece when you are walking down the aisle whether you're a bride or a guest. Plus, if you couldn't tell I'm pretty simple.   


Pretty sure it took me about 2 months to decide on the gift table btw. I just didn't know. I wanted something on there that would represent us. I didn't want a mailbox or a suitcase or a bird cage to hold our cards. It just wasn't "us". My staff member actually found a legit USPS box. Loved and done!


 My inspiration from Pinterest


We thought of our guest book which we were going to do the photo booth guest book where they sign next to the copy of their pics in a book we would provide, but because we were going with Slow Motion there were no print outs. So how could we have a guest book?? We looked at signing a globe, a map, you name it. Anything that involved travel we looked at since we love to travel. We also looked into many other things that represented things we love to do. Then it hit us! Have a few blank growlers which they'll sign and we'll display in our house. If you recall, we love craft beer! We have growlers displaying on top of our kitchen cabinets and that's exactly where our "guest book" will go. Done! 



Seems like the gift table and the decor wasn't that stressful just by reading about it, right? WRONG! I was circling around ideas for about 2-3 months actually. I just couldn't put my finger on it! I think it had a lot to do with me being an event planner / wedding planner, there's a lot of pressure. By that I mean, people know that I do events and weddings so they're probably expecting this big, huge wedding that's super extravagant and mind blowing. It's hard to have that same effect when you're a simple couple. We want cool things, but sometimes with budgets you just can't. Whenever I think of something to do, I immediately ask myself, "Is it original enough? What will people think?" It's driving me nuts and I have even lost sleep over it!! So. Much. Pressure. You don't even know until you're in my shoes. But hopefully you get it a little bit ;) 


Am I getting sleep now that most of it is chosen? Meh :/ Tomorrow my staff is coming over actually and we're going to finalize all the decor for the tables, gift tables, and our timeline table - timeline table you ask? Stay tuned for my decor post ;) I'm hoping after tomorrow, everything will be bought and a huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders. Cross your fingers. 


Alright, onto the next obstacle. Remember when the booze was one of the most important parts of our wedding? We knew that it would be super expensive, because it always is, but something hit us like a ton of bricks. Can't remember off the top of my head, but I believe we booked our venue in October? We emailed them to start chatting about the booze so we could get it over with in December. So that's 2 months. APPARENTLY, the prices went up without our knowledge. Like I'm talking it went up $100!! Kegs were $400-$450 and now they went up to $500-$550! I'm sorry, but coming from the venue industry and event industry that's outrageous!! $450 is even crazy! Don't forget that they have a bar setup fee (which this I understand as there's a lot of work that goes into it) at $300 per bar which obviously you probably want 2 bars if you have over 200 people which we are. In addition, we have to get bottled beer upstairs because they can't bring the keg up (that's understandable as well because of the set up and the weight) and they won't set up the bars downstairs for the guests to stop at on their way upstairs after the ceremony (if you recall, our guests are going upstairs so we can flip the room since we're doing our ceremony and reception there). The bar is off to the side so people are out of the way and it isn't even close to the main floor where the flip will be happening. Did I forget to mention that it's on the way upstairs and our guests will be walking right past it? So, why do we have to have bottled beer upstairs when the bar could easily be set up? Trust me, we are writing them an email. I would say that this is our most stressful part of the wedding planning, which it shouldn't be. We just couldn't get over how the prices went up shortly after we booked. We weren't warned that they were going to change any time soon, which we understand prices change, but if you know you just booked some clients, let them know at least at their tour that the prices were going up soon, right? At least when I was a venue manager I told them or else we just honored what was given to them in their brochure. So I'll definitely keep y'all posted on this one. I feel like my blog just got real and unfiltered! 


One last thing happened, which is so sad! I don't know if I told y'all this, but when I got my engagement ring I obviously had to resize it. It was made to be a size 7 and I'm a size 5.5 (or else it's 5?) Either way, the diamonds along the band went too far down so if they were going to resize it to a much smaller size, they had to remake it otherwise the diamonds would fall out. It got remade right after we got engaged for about 3-4 weeks! So a month ago I want to say, I dropped a box on my ring and it smashed one of the prongs that holds the main stone which resulted in the stone being lifted towards the other side = it looked like it was about to fall out!! I mean, how does that happen?? So once again, I had to get it remade and just recently got it back. Like 2 days ago. 3 weeks later! Thank goodness the fiance got insurance so it's covered completely. I remember him telling me when we first got engaged that he got insurance because I'm a klutz and crazy things happen to me ALL THE TIME! Good job babe, way to be prepared! ;) 


So I think that's it for now. Some of these obstacles are still being dealt with so I'll make sure to write part 2 soon, even if it means a tiny post here and there just to keep y'all updated ;)  Till next time! 


Do you have some obstacles that you're facing that you just need to get another opinion and/or solution for? We offer consulting services. Rates start at $50 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour. Contact us to schedule your appt!

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