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Obstacles pt 2.

It's been awhile since I last wrote. Whew! So much going on! So this post will be simply to get you caught up. So let's just jump right in, shall we? 


So found out from the venue that we CANNOT set up the bar on the side downstairs as it will be in the way of the flip from ceremony to reception. If the pillars weren't there, I would get it as the venue I used to manage was a smaller space and we didn't have much of a barrier. But this place there was clearly a barrier that kept the sides where the bar would be and the main space of the party separate. So just as a recap, they were going to make us buy bottled beer for the 2nd floor where the guests would be during the flip because they can't bring the keg up there, which that part makes sense. It's a pain!! But there is no reason why they couldn't go to the bar downstairs while heading up to the 2nd floor. Again, there is a clear barrier between the space and the bar. We lost that battle with them so there goes several hundred dollars on bottled beer. Thankfully we asked them if the bottled beer would be brought down if it wasn't all consumed and they said yes. Seems like a no-brainer right? But dealing with this venue and their booze policies, we had to ask to double make sure. We didn't want any surprises the day of or at our details meeting. 


We also asked if the wine ran out (which the fiance's family are wine drinkers), do they have a stock on hand where we could order more in the midst of the party. They said yes. There was another obstacle, not so much of an obstacle, out of the way. To explain further, since they didn't have an in-house restaurant/catering service, we didn't know if they would have wine on hand. But they do! 


Hint: Even if you think it's a no-brainer question, it's always best to ask. The worst thing that happens is 1) You find out that you can't do something on the day of or at the details meeting the month before so it shortens your time to figure it out, or 2) You find out early enough where you have time to figure it out. I would say you would want option 2. Just sayin. 


The only thing now was the price of booze!! Although we signed on with this venue when the price of the kegs were cheaper, they weren't going to honor it. I was really upset that we couldn't do a champagne toast, but it was going to cost us a few thousand. So that was out. We also had to go from 2 craft beer kegs to only 1 and the other would have to be domestic :/ Being craft beer drinkers like we are, this was super depressing. But again, the craft beer kegs went up to $500-$550 while the domestics were up to $400. It is what it is, I suppose. 


So that sums up what's going on with the booze which if you remember, was one of the most important parts of our wedding :( On to the next....


The decor for the tables is still stressing me out! I should be good with this, right? Especially since I'm a wedding planner and can plan the decor for other weddings? Nope!! I am still sticking with the glass bottles and spray painting them different shades of gold, small cactus' in spray painted rose gold (at least I think I want rose gold?) terracotta pots, then votive candles. All of which will go on the banquet tables. For the rounds, we decided to do a single stem flower vase with a terracotta potted cactus and a votive candle. I did end up buying these rose goldish charger plates to place them on, but just over this past weekend I was having doubts!! Ugh! I think it stresses me out even more that I don't have EVERYTHING decor in my possession. With us spending money left and right (it seems like), I have to break it up and purchase things here and there. So this week I've been training my mind that that's the way it's going to have to be and to relax! I have 6 months to prep, but to a wedding planner AND a bride, that's not enough time it seems like. I can't even explain the feeling!


We also started looking at table runners, which I was all about this burgundy lace, but again, this past weekend I was having doubts. We have that vintage romantic theme and our linens are ivory. So I'm stuck again. I passed this task off to my events intern to show me options, because sometimes you just need an outside view to make the decision for you. Otherwise, it would keep stressing me out. So hopefully I'll be getting closer to what I want for runners by this weekend or next week - again, I'm literally telling myself, "You have 6 months to prep Melissa, you don't need to decide next week on runners!" as I'm writing this. Haha!)


The head table I didn't want it to match all the other tables, so we decided to put our bouquets in cylinders and have a sign in front of where me and the fiance will be sitting. I didn't want to get a Mr. & Mrs. sign though. I wanted something unique that we could use in our house later. So we made the executive decision to create our hashtag for the sign. I can't tell y'all because that would be another story. You'll just have to wait until the wedding photos come out ;) Anyways back on track...I couldn't find a custom place that was affordable to make this sign!! Even on Etsy, believe it or not!! So I went straight to my friends and asked my MOH's if their dad's could make it (they're carpenters). One responded and said possibly so I just have to do measurements. Another thing to add to my to do list :/ 


Another thing we had to prep was for our engagement shoot! One thing that we knew we wanted to do was recreate all of our first dates, etc. How many weddings have you been to where you didn't know how they met or how their relationship evolved? So we decided that our engagement shoot would be our firsts in which we would print them and put them up on a table near the bar so everyone could view our love story <3 Cute, right?


So the first step was to game plan our schedule and our firsts that had that "photo opportunity." We OBVIOUSLY chose our first meeting spot, our first brewery, our first date, and our area where we used to walk all the time since it was so pretty. I then went on Pinterest and looked up inspiration for photos. I sent that link to my photographer so he had a better idea. Whew, that was done!!


It was now a week before the big shoot. We're just chillin one night and it dawned on me...we didn't pick out our outfits yet!!! How could I, out of all people and being the wardrobe stylist that I am along with a photo shoot coordinator, forget that part?!? OMG!! I knew I didn't want to go over the top so we color coordinated and instead of wasting money on outfits that I would never wear again, I went for our everyday look - as a girl, you don't want to wear your normal clothes for a photo shoot, right? ;) There was one thing I specifically wanted, because as you know I went on Pinterest; I wanted beer shirts for the brewery look! I went to the most popular beer shirt maker on Etsy and I must say, I was super disappointed. They went back and forth with me about the colors and such for over a week. Now when I say that I mean that their response rate took them several days to get back to me. Once the decision was made, aka when I finally heard back from them, it was Friday and the shoot was on Sunday! And the sh*t kicker was that they were going to STILL charge me an overnight fee even though I called them out and said that we shouldn't have to pay for it considering they took forever to get back to me. Well, you can see where that got my blog!! >:( #NoFilter.


It was only a few weeks before that I realized that I should probably get my makeup done professionally. As far as the hair, I was little ify on. As you know we were going for our everyday look and recreating our first dates, so curling the hair would be just fine. Which is exactly what I would do. No stylist needed here ;) Sometimes it's good to just go simple, less worries. 

So what was next? Deciding on our invitations and picking the right photo for them. Yes, I said invitations. No save the dates here! Why? You'll have to stay tuned for next post ;) 


Airos Design Photography

Makeup by Mandy

Wardrobe styling by yours truly, MH Style Consulting


Need help styling your engagement shoot? We would love to be a part of it!! Check out our styling website to see reviews and services. And don't forget to check out our social media for more photos!! Don't forget too that if you have a bump in the road when planning your own wedding, we do offer consulting. You don't always have to purchase a full wedding planning package or partial. View options here.



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