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The little details pt. 2

October 5, 2017

No time is better than the present....I just woke up in a panic at 1am thinking about the production schedule and now I can't go back to sleep, it's 3am! So why not blog about it!


A lot of people think that a wedding planner does the decor aspect of a wedding. Yes, we consult and help make the vibe/theme flow all together, but what it really comes down to is the production of everything; making it happen and how it got there, making sure it runs smoothly and flawlessly, etc. Having a background of fashion shows, music productions, art shows, performing arts performances, you name it, a wedding is easy peasy. I mean Production Expert should just be my middle name. So why am I panicking? 

 Photo credit: Airos Design. Makeup by Mandy


I have a problem of letting go when it comes to events. I have been doing this for so long, and yes, I have had things run behind, that's the name in the game when it comes to event productions. However, does it get fixed and run smoothly so no one knows that it's behind maybe 15-20 minutes? Do I think about the tiny details like making sure the music from one set flows into the next? Do I make sure that there are no "awkward silences"? Do I make sure that the food and beverages are flowing and on time? Absolutely!! Do I trust people to do the same? Not so sure. 


I am not very tech savvy so I had the fiance figure out the technology side of things like downloading the music, converting it, making sure that besides his computer, he had a back up device to play the music on, you know, all that technology stuff! ;) So I know I prepped him correctly by saying, "Yes, guests will probably start arriving at 4:30 so when it comes to the welcome music, let's over plan! Let's do about 45 minutes of music instead of 30. You just never know what will happen." However, we did end up changing it to a Spotify station, not a playlist, in the end. Made it easier and made it flow better when it comes to the genre. HOWEVER, we were listening to the station and some were playing louder than others. So of course I had to document it in the schedule, "**Watch the volume; some songs are louder than others". I'm not even kidding, think I'm a crazy bride yet? 


So, ceremony music; we have a song for Danny and his mom to walk out to along with the bridal party. Then we have a totally different song for me. How many weddings have you been to where the song just cuts off abruptly before the bride's song? Or the volume wasn't right? Or everything in-between? I made sure that not only my staff, but the band lead who will be coming early to play the music, knows too! For example, to make sure to lower the bridal party song ever so slowly, then have a pause then start my song then fade out once I get up on the stage. I know the band lead will know that, but still. Those little things I notice and don't want to freak out the day of, ya know? 


But now there is the exit song. That's where I made sure that in my 5 PAGE PRODUCTION SCHEDULE (<--yes, it's 5 pages long! It's normally, maybe, 2), and I quote from my actual production schedule, "**Song will play to the end, but will be lowered once bridal party exits so Officiant can say where cocktail hour is and for long, etc. then song is raised after speaking. Once song is finished, cocktail hour music starts." You can never be more safe than sorry when it comes to notes, especially on the wedding planner side of things. More detailed the better!! Now put yourself in my shoes; you can obviously tell that when it comes to productions, I don't mess around. So having other people do it for me? Crazy!! Hence that's probably why I woke up in a panic at 1am. 


You should see our playlists! Some of the songs we had to put on iTunes and the others on Spotify. So in my production schedule I even put "Spotify - name of the playlist and what song". I mean it's, once again, very detailed so it will be hard to mess it up, but you just never know. Things happen! I have to keep telling myself that (like I'm doing right now). I know I mentioned it in the last blog post that things happen and you just have to let them happen. Something WILL go wrong! Knowing my luck and considering I take this production side of things so seriously, it will probably be that :/ 


For the cocktail hour, we did have our DJ friend make a mix. Again, I told the fiance to let him know that although the cocktail hour is an hour and half, make sure it's a little bit longer than that just in case. What if the flip of the room takes longer? Yeah we can loop the list (which we will do anyways), but you don't want the same song to come on do you? Which I took into account for the "wedding intermission" playlist which is playing during the bands breaks, when they start tearing down and our DJ is setting up.


The only thing I'm not stressing out about is the actual music itself when it comes to the band or the DJ. We just told them what type of music we wanted and to just do it. We did, however, have to figure out what songs they were going to play and what songs we were going to put on the "wedding intermission" playlist so, once again, songs didn't get replayed. Some of my brides plan out the playlist from start to finish which is great!! You get it girl! But when it comes to us and me taking this production schedule to another level then having 2 different musicians play in the night, it was just too much for me. 


So I feel like you get the whole music and the transitioning along with the "no replayed songs", but there's also the MC! They need to know what to say, so that's a whole new ball game. Of course, I put it in the production schedule. For example, the Officiant telling guests that cocktail hour is upstairs, blah, blah, blah. Then making sure the the names of how people are walking out for the ceremony and the Grand March is correct. Making sure that they announce when guests need to come back down to the 1st floor to find their seats. You name it. The details I tell ya!


As I have been writing this blog, of course I've been thinking of tiny details to tell my staff. Hopefully their phones aren't going off and waking them up :/ #bridezilla


Well it's 4:30am now and still wide awake, maybe I'll start on my next blog post?? ;) 


Got overwhelmed and started second guessing yourself when it comes to your production schedule? We offer consulting! We can help make your production schedule. We can help when it comes to layouts and the flow of your event. We can come the day of even and do your set up so you don't have to. If you want it all just the day of, we offer day of coordinating! Click here for more details.


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