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And they lived happily ever after...

Pics and the highlight reel are here!! I want to give a shout out to all the amazing vendors that made our day special, beautiful and personalized:


First of all, our photographer Andrew with Airos Design Photography and our videographer Courtney Clark-Breton and her hubby Craig with Limping Frog Productions; we couldn't be more happy with how our photos and video came out. Thank you for working with us and making our vision of candid shots come to life. @Courtney & Craig - We've watched that video three times now and we still flippin cry! We love you and hate you all at the same time, haha! 


To my bridesmaid, makeup artist and hair stylist Amanda with Azar Beauty. It is, and was, such an honor to not only meet you as a professional, you becoming my personal hair and makeup artist over the years, but growing into an amazing friendship to the point where you stood by my side on my very own wedding day. I love you to the moon and back! Also special thanks to Makeup by Mandy and Jonathan Badboy-Gibson for helping out with makeup and hair!


Oh Sugar Studio you make the best robes! It's the most comfortable thing I have ever put on in my life. I can't stop wearing it and my bridesmaids love 'em.


Of course we have to give a big shout to Rolando and Nicole with Marna's Catering! I have known them for so long and it's because of them that we ended up at Landmark Center. I couldn't imagine my day with any other caterer and with any other type of food than authentic Hispanic deliciousness ;) 


We can't say enough about the dessert from Cossetta's either. Best decision ever to go with tortes, mini cheesecakes and cannolis - so shout out to their pastry shop!


Molly from Love Letters, you are awesome! Thank you for being so flexible and making our custom stationary beautiful with flowers AND cactus'. 


To our musicians of course. First up, our band Free and EasyEveryone loved you and won't stop talking about y'all! Next, our friend and EDM dj, Jeff with Grdn Prty. You absolutely killed it at the end of the night and we'll never forget it! Charlie, although you couldn't be Jeff's partner in crime that night, thank you so much for making our custom mix for our cocktail hour. You got mad dj skills ;)


Robin at Linen Effects - our massive pipe and drape wall was everything we could have imagined and as a side note, we're so glad we went with chair covers ;) Your staff showed up early and came back right on time at the end of the night. Oh, how I love working with you! Thanks so much! 


Thank you to the amazing Pat Mancini who let us host our groom's dinner at his restaurant. We just couldn't imagine ourselves not hosting it there, we love it! The food was phenomenal and everyone loved it! Also thank you for the bottle of champagne; we're saving it for our one year anniversary ;) PS - for all my readers, if you haven't gone to Mancini's and gotten their garlic toast, YOU HAVE TO!! So good!


Lastly, our venue Landmark Center. You guys were so awesome and made our day flow so smoothly. Couldn't have asked for anything more. It was beautiful! And shout out to my interns Jordan, Lydia and Kallie. Holy moly, I don't think I could have done it without you guys. Actually...I couldn't have! You guys rock and I know that you will all make great event planners one day. 

And why not just give a special thanks to the following as well, huh? Bride To Be Consignment and Maggie Sottero - my blush dress was everything!! Maggie, you'll always be my favorite dress designer ;) Savvi at Southdale, thank you for being so accommodating and treating us with great customer service. Star Transportation I can't thank you enough. It was raining, there was traffic AND you had to make an emergency run to Sam's Club for us. Hope you had just as fun and an EVENTFUL day as we did, haha! Our groomsmen mugs, OMG! Shout out to Tooned Up Gifts. You guys nailed it. In addition to, although we don't have a picture of them, thank you to Waterfall Designs for making my personalized stemless wine glasses for my bridesmaids. Special thanks to Everything Etched AZ for making our Hubby and Wifey beer cups, we will forever cherish them in the years to come.  St. Paul Hotel although you wouldn't let us use your oven to make my breakfast pizzas (shout out to Red Baron while I'm at it - they're flippin delicious) and you don't have late check-out, we still enjoyed our time and loved the space when it came to us getting ready. SUPER convenient for Landmark Center weddings and events. And my forever lover Jimmy John's, what would we have done without you delivering us our sandwiches?? Haha! Okay, enough with the nonsense...


How about those pictures? Here are some highlights, OUT OF THE 3,000 PHOTOS TAKEN!! ;)